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An italian news reporter has been viral on social media after a video clip from one of the news report has been posted on Youtube. We all have seen different wardrobe malfunction from celebrities and personalities all over the internet and many of these videos have always become viral all over social media because many are curious and some are just insanely hysterical. These malfunctions are always a surprise and most of them are petty accidents because of the fast preparation done by the people to the actors and personalities. Now another one rises and many netizens were caught by the issue because the incident had happened live on a news broadcasting channel and being shown on National TV.

The video shows that the news reporter and journalist, Constanza Calabrase, accidentally captured her underwear during a live broadcast. The viewers were shocked when she unknowingly made a surprising act, which is now being the hot topics online. She was sitting in a transparent table during an episode of news on TV channel TG5. Calabrase was relaxed while she delivered the news, but unfortunately, when the camera zoomed out, her the malfunction was caught and was showing visible in her sitting place. The video gained the attention of many social media users and it has gone viral all over the internet up to the point that many social media users, channels, pages and websites reblogged the video. If you want to watch the video, you can go see on the link below.

Source: Youtube
The actor and singer, Ronnie Alonte is now on the social media spotlight after a video clip from an episode of the show Gandang Gabi Vice was posted on Youtube. We all have seen different pranks pulled off by the show host Vice Ganda but this one is really hysterical and it is now going viral all over social media as many netizens, fans and supporters found the video funny and hysterical. 

The video shows how the host pranks the young artist as he goes on stage in an opening performance of the show. While he was being introduced, one of his staff went in to tell him that his car windows were in total mess and the marshalls were calling him to look after his car and report it. But the staff and the stage managers didn't let go of him that is why he still went on the show and started to sing. But the show host could feel that he lost his energy in singing that is why they stopped the song and started to question him. Alonte admitted that he heard the news that his car was in total mess and was really frustrated of what is happening and wanted to check down stairs if everything is alright. The show host then admitted that it was just a prank! You could see in his eyes and reaction that he is really worried and just controlling himself and push through the show. The video caught the attention of many netizens and it immediately went viral all over social media up to the point that many social media users, channels, pages and websites reblogged the video. If you want to watch the video, you can go see on the link below. 

Source: Youtube
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The biggest advantage of taking these free online courses from TESDA is that you can learn at your own pace. So, you can still work on your regular job or go to school or do whatever it is you need to do throughout the day, then simply study the courses on your free time.

Also, the courses are offered for free so there is no need to worry about paying tuition fees. Because the courses are offered online, you can easily review the materials anytime you need to refresh your knowledge.

One major disadvantage, though, is that you won’t get credits for the courses you took online unless you take the assessment test at a TESDA assessment center. This is easy to remedy, though, as you only have to go to the TESDA assessment center to take the necessary tests so you can receive the training certificate you can use in looking for a job.

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To enroll, simply follow the steps in this article : How to Enroll in TESDA Free Online Course
Following the controversial sweethearts Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola, netizens spotted on Instagram the romantic getaway the two recently had. Manzano posted a photo on his Instagram account with Mendiola in an undisclosed beach with only "Hi" as the caption. Mendiola and Manzano were also seen together at the Star Magic Ball where reporters asked them if they were already an official couple.

We all know that Manzano and Mendiola are not really the kind of sharing their relationship on social media. But recently, sweet photos of the two are going viral all over the internet as they are also sharing everyone up a little bit about the romance in their recent interviews. Fans and supporters couldn't help but be happy for the two and are now all speculating that the two are now officially a couple because now they are so open about their relationship on social media. 

Source: ABSCBN

A school was lucky to escape with his life after he was impaled on an 8 inch long metal spike after trying to climb over a gate and this incident has been making rounds all over social media. The boy's name is Tharathep Wanacharoenlap an 11-year-old from Thailand, was impaled through the neck on an eight inch long metal spike after trying to climb over a gate to see a friend. 

According to reports, He clambered up the large iron railings but slipped at the top because they were wet from recent rain. One of the grey rusty spikes speared his neck but miraculously it missed his arteries. Incredibly, the boy held himself up by the arms for ten minutes, escaping further injury and a nasty fall, before a passer-by came to help and call an ambulance. When he was on the hospital, the nurses asked him if he was okay and she gave a thumbs up. Many netizens lauded the boy for his bravery and this video report has gone viral all over.

Source: Youtube

A video report is now going viral all over social media after CNN made a mistake of airing a video for thirty minutes on a thanksgiving night. The broadcasting is always known for its credibility on news for their reputations is known worldwide that is why such common mistake on a regional branch channel on the same network took the whole social media by storm. Now, news is now spreading worldwide after the sad incident that aired on their channel.

The report says that CNN local news channel RCN on Boston aired the video for thirty minutes and a certain twitter user named Daene put it out on facebook after seeing the said video on air. Many would think that who the heck would put in great effort to perfectly photoshopped the said video and post in on social media? Well, yes, there are people who'd give much effort just to get attention. Now, people are going crazy about the news and its spreads out until it became viral all over social media.

Source: Twitter

A video report is now going viral all over social media after a 17-year-old boy died because of a hickey that his girlfriend gave him. The teenager has been identified as Julio Macias Gonzales of Mexico City and his 24-year-old girlfriend identified only as "Iris" is the one who gave the hickey and now in hiding.

According to his parents, they disapproved of the relationship because of the controlling nature of the girl but then before the incident happened, Gonzales went to Iris' place to hang out and then went back home for dinner. While they are all sitting at dinner, Gonzales started convulsing  and the family immediately called for paramedics. The paramedics discovered that the "purple" hickey on Gonzales' neck was the cause of his death because the blood clot that was created from the hickey went to Gonzales' brain, causing him to convulse and ultimately have a stroke. Now, the video report has gone viral all over social media and it gained a lot of attention because of what happened.

Source: Youtube